Winter Ritual (Northwest Coast) by Helen May Williams

I am not a silent poet

Up before dawn –
after the solstice
the morn remains
darker for a while

running alone
through deserted
urban streets

(she dreams a time
when they are really together)

on slate-blue
towards the dunes.

The moon is huge,
absolutely full
and radiantly close
over the low sea
and grassy sand;

(samphire sprouts
where they don’t spray)

back eastwards
the sun starts
over the level-

The moon and he
are with her still

despite the street-light’s
neon glare

despite the ringing
in her ears
from the last time
he beat her.

I wrote this poem in the mid-Eighties and David Morley published it in the long defunct University of Warwick publication, Communicate (1993). 

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